About our Founder

Tina Pinz is an aesthetic and technical leader in the field of permanent cosmetics. Her skills in color correction, tattoo removal, equine and canine eyeliner, and cosmetic application have earned her recognition as a trainer and color expert at national conventions. Her expertise and experience is highly sought after from individuals wanting natural cosmetic enhancement and longevity. Tina has devoted her career to the beauty industry and continues to study advanced makeup techniques, color theory, and facial morphology. Working closely with ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, and industry professionals, she continues to focus on leading-edge technology and has a respected reputation for her artwork.

Tina has been highly trained in advanced color theory and innovative lip color techniques. She has over 20 years of experience in permanent makeup artistry and many physicians and dentists refer patients to her because they trust her knowledge and expertise. She is also skilled in tattooing eyebrows using multiple colors and methods. She was the first technician in Idaho to complete a masters training and offer clients the most advanced technique of 3D microblading feathering hair strokes.

Her Business Focus

Tina truly believes permanent makeup is an art that requires not only skill and talent but also the gift to listen to clients' needs and provide them the ability to exceed their expectations. The focus of Permanent Cosmetics by Tina is entirely committed to providing a level of artistry and service that sets a new standard in permanent cosmetics. This is accomplished by providing the customer with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where time is taken to answer questions and discuss design. Combining her love and talent that increases one's self-confidence, health, and well-being, Tina has continued to share her ability to help others look their best.

Tina's Inspiration

Along with providing excellent customer service and allowing her clients to look and feel their absolute best inside and out, Tina was inspired by the many people who could benefit from permanent cosmetics. Helping these people achieve the look they want brings her true passion in life, alive. If you fall into any of the following categories, permanent makeup will perfectly complement your lifestyle.

Permanent Makeup Can Benefit People Who:

  • Are Active in Sports, Dancing, & Exercise
  • Have Sparse Lashes
  • Have Sparse, Platinum, or No Eyebrows
  • Are Allergic to Cosmetics
  • Have Contact Lens Allergies
  • Have Unsteady or Arthritic Hands
  • Have Temporary or Permanent Hair Loss
  • Have Visual Impairments
  • Have Pigment Disorders
  • Want to Look Professional
  • Want the Convenience of Not Applying Makeup Daily